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About us

Welcome to the official website of CRYPTOFARM LTD.

CryptoFarm LTD is the most extensive mining equipment and software supplier to Latin America, Europe, and Africa. For more than three years of experience, we have completed more than a hundred different kinds of contracts for the installation, adjustment, and placement of high-tech equipment.

With the next tide of cryptocurrency fame, particularly bitcoin, in 2020-2021, the market found itself in a sharp shortage of equipment and software for the uninterrupted mining stations' operation. Therefore, our company's management made a strategic decision on the large-scale deployment of the company's investment activities on the Internet.

It's not a secret that today cryptocurrency is one of the most profitable activities! CryptoFarm LTD - invites everyone to become an investor in our company with the possibility of increasing your assets in 24 hours!

Attracting additional assets to the crypto business through our company is your trustworthy ticket to a prosperous future! Invest in mutually beneficial terms with us right now!


13248956 Official Company Registration check registration
cryptofarm LTD Company address: 19 Great Hampton Row, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B19 3JA

CryptoFarm LTD is officially registered in London, UK. The official company number is 13248956. To confirm the legality of the company's activities, you can individually check all the title documents on the Companie House website.

It is worth noting that our company handles all bureaucratic procedures for managing investment activities on its behalf and does not require additional actions on the investor's part.

All necessary UK government tax deductions come from our company's reserve fund.

Data protection

We care about the privacy of all our customers' data, that's why we use the most advanced data encryption protocols so that you can be confident that your investments are secure.

Investor payments Just over half of our company's profits go to payments to our customers.
Growth in capitalization Constant capital expenses are required for the company to prosper stably.
Marketing, promotion Any business needs advertising - this is also an essential part of our company's expenses.
Wage fund Only 10% of the profits are given among our numerous employees.


24/7 technical support. Our specialists are available to communicate at any time that is comfortable for you!
High income. Compared to other investment products, our rate plans pleasantly surprise you with their profitability!
Comfortable interface. The most intuitive interface will help you start cooperation with our company as soon as possible!
Convenient withdrawal. Withdrawals are carried out as soon as possible!
Secure protection of your data. We use advanced methods of protection against any cyber-threats
Flexible approach. Visual informative service for planning work with investment products. Automatic calculation of potential profit when changing settings.

What we offer
our clients?

CryptoFarm LTD is a team of professional developers and players of the cryptocurrency market, which has hundreds of tools in its assets to make a profit in cryptocurrency markets. Our company's main hallmark from the competitors is that it has developed its software for automatic operation mining equipment with all the latest coins!

In 2021, our company decided to bring additional working capital from private investors on mutually advantageous conditions for making short-term trades. Our clients' funds are used to expand the existing base of mining equipment and improve the software.

CryptoFarm LTD is a reliable European company that you can and should build a long-term and trustworthy business. Starting your cooperation with a large financial company, you can be confident for tomorrow.